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Kidney diseases patients and Ramadan

Can kidney diseases patients fast without affecting their health? Not every holistic patient is forbidden to fast, and not every holistic patient is permitted to fast the whole of Ramadan [ … ]

Advice from Experts: Diabetes & Ramadan

  I would like to share some tips with our diabetic patients, on the occasion of the approaching month of Ramadan, and we always advise our beloved patients to consult [ … ]

Eating your way to better reproductive health..

Our bodies are well oiled machines that require special care and proper maintenance, and just like every other system in our body , the reproductive system thrives when properly treated…so [ … ]

Fasting in the Age of Corona

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk on social media on whether fasting in Ramadan would increase your chances of getting Corona or negatively affecting your immunity. To begin with, [ … ]

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