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Think you know CardioAlex well enough …. think again!
With the approach of CardioAlex 2017 we thought our audience should know more about CardioAlex and its preparations, so here are 10 points that you could have missed about us all of these years!

1. CardioAlex preparations starts the first day of the previous conference!

In fact the team works all year long preparing CardioAlex, to meet the audience satisfaction and ensure it delivers all scientific updates and insights needed for better and efficient practice.

2. Our honorable Board members all work on daily basis to ensure CardioAlex is well prepared and with its new topics!

We start at the end of our previous conference… Each year each board member is responsible for a topic or a specialty and have a supporting team to ensure that the program is well prepared and this topic is covered with the year’s most international scientific updates. They all come together weekly in our board meeting to discuss their ideas, thoughts and researches.

3. There is more than 20 teams working day and night to deliver CardioAlex year after year!

From the Scientific team to bring the most up to date scientific discoveries to the registration team that organize the flow, back on stage the audiovisual team with their ticks and tricks to the speaker’s service center team where the presentations are getting ready to be on air. You can just sit in the hall and all the international updates are brought to you live by our live transmission team, and if you missed a thing our webcasting team will record it for you; as well you can watch complicated cases recorded with our incredible operating physicians side by side brought to you by our live in a box team. When you are lost you go to the information center team, while the food and beverage team are preparing their delicious snakes. Throwback to the marketing team which already been updating you with the conference news through every media they can reach you with while the sponsorship team are making sure every company in the industry is here to support with all there tools. We can’t forget the great work of the decoration and branding team, ask me team, newsletter team, studio team, exhibition team, operations team, transportations team, accommodation team, international affairs team, accreditation team, CSR team, Public relations team and all must be wrapped up at the end by our evaluation team.

4. There is a CME meeting which‘s been called after CardioAlex (Best of CardioAlex) ..

This CME meeting chooses one or two of CardioAlex main topics and delivers it to a new set of audience which couldn’t attend our conference. These sessions are given by the exact league of professors whom attended and lectured in CardioAlex conference.

5. That’s not it in fact due to the audience requests, CardioAlex have published its Highlights!

CardioAlex highlights had been published 5 years ago, and due to the success and the audience requests more data and scientific insights are added to this book yearly to ensure the benefit of all Egyptian and Arabian physicians.

6. Do you know that each year CardioAlex has a Cause…

As a social responsibility from our board members CardioAlex chooses year after year a cause to reclaim. From a charity work to save a heart to patient education sessions, yearly we have a morning run, biking or even a walk during the conference duration to urge the public for the sports benefits on the heart and the prevention of heart disease.

7. CardioAlex has more than 10 winners in our scientific submissions awards..

From Abstract submission to challenging cases, as well we have Prof. Magdy Rashwan award, JCA , Technicians and nurses submissions.

8. During CardioAlex we have 12 winners for our newsletter competition!

Each day we have a newsletter competition where questions about some of the sessions or topics are answered and 3 winners are picked daily.

9. Each year we have National and International accreditations!

Our program is revised from honorable and well known national and international scientific entities where they give our program credit hours for its knowledge that will influence the African, Arabian and Egyptian cardiologists.

To ensure the BEST scientific experience for our physicians we invite international physicians from all over the world to share with us their experience, knowledge and discoveries in cardiology.
We are glad that you have joined us at CardioAlex 2017

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