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As we will go through conference tourism topic, from our point of view cardioAlex is the most successful medical conferences in not only Egypt but Egypt.

It’s held each year in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria- Egypt, since 2004! This conference is the backbone of the cardiology specialty in Egypt, as it brings together more than 6000 cardiologists from Egypt and all over the world.

We have to acknowledge the CardioAlex in figures

  • Number of international participating bodies:  13
  • The total number of delegates:  6000 and more
  • Number of junior cardiologists:  1030
  • Number of chairpersons & speakers:  664
  • Number of abstracts presented:  107
  • Number of organizing committee:  46
  • Number of foreign faculty guests:  82
  • Number of nurses & technicians:  355
  • Number of total scientific hours:  169
  • Number of sessions:  160

As we you see, this conference is HUGE! That’s not all…


CardioAlex is the most comprehensive occasion and the meeting point of all cardiologists, not only from Egypt, but from the Middle East and North Africa with the international experience.
It will be held from the 23rd of May till the 26th of May 2017 in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria – Egypt.
It is one of the activities of CVREP Foundation “Cardiovascular Research, Education & Prevention Foundation” in collaboration with the Cardiology Department – Alexandria University.


The CardioAlex Conference, organized each year by the ICOM since 2004; ICOM is one of Egypt’s largest & oldest professional conference organizers companies, accredited by IAPCO. They are celebrating this year their 20th anniversary… their offices are located in Alexandria, Cairo and Dubai. Their mission is “to connect people, places, data and ideas through meetings, events and interactive media, as our ultimate goal is to provide our Customers with top quality services. Such services establish positive relations and credibility between us and all our clients. Our business offers a wide range of well-designed, innovative and up to date services & products to assist us to create the PERFECT event.”


International Accreditation

CardioAlex started getting accreditation from international bodies since 2004.

The 2 main entities from which the accreditation is received are the EBAC “European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology” and the AACME “American Association for Continuous Medical Accreditation”.

The scientific content is being evaluated from these entities and receives high accreditation points which the attendees can benefit from.


Social Media

For the past 14 years, CardioAlex developed its way for communicating with its participants until it offered an up to date website and social media that always include the latest news and media. Moreover it enhanced the medical field by publishing CardioAlex scientific materials for public use to reach the medical research and offer a free medical reference for all the physicians worldwide.



CardioAlex is always taking positive steps forward with its CSR activities.

CSR projects which was done during the past years:

  • Cycle and walk for your Heart: over 100 participants shared in crossing the Corniche road from Montazah as a start point to Selsela as the end point, in front of Bibliotheca of Alexandria.
  • Back your bag: over 350,000 school students in Egypt can’t afford buying school bags, so an announcement is done to the conference participants to donate their bags after the event in a specific booth.
  • CardioAlex thinks Green: For reducing water waste, the conference is providing Water Fountains in all areas. Each year after the conference all remaining printing materials are recycled to help producing recycled materials.



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