Angina signs, treatment and prevention

Angina signs, treatment and prevention

As we are keen about our reader’s health and their wellbeing, we have been working on interviewing international cardiologists from all over the globe. As we had an interview with one of the best cardiologists; Prof. Imad Sheiban; he was very generous to answer our questions.

We asked him:

What motivated you to be a part of CardioAlex2018 international faculty?

And he answered:

Cardio Alex is one of the most important meeting in the Mediterranean area not only in Interventional Cardiology but also Clinical Cardiology –

I know Prof Mohamed Sobhy from very long time and I appreciate very much his professionalism. I know everything he is doing he will spend every effort to do it on the top level and CardioAlex is organized accordingly. That is why I can witness how CardioAlex grew and still growing up and becoming more and more competitive regarding scientific level and organization with other big International Meetings and I’m really honored to be included in CardioAlex 2018 International Faculty.

What is your advice to Egyptian young physicians?

My personal advice for Egyptian Young physicians is not to stop being curious and learn. Every day you can improve your learning skill. Moreover; CardioAlex as meeting is a fantastic opportunity to exchange experience with national and international colleagues, as well as to be updated and discuss the state of the art in Interventional cardiology (new devices, clinical trials, new techniques ...) and the most relevant data coming from latest clinical trials in cardiology.  So I would also advice not to miss this meeting.

Could you enlighten & give us a brief about the topic you will present this year?

One of the topics I'll be presenting at this CardioAlex 2018 is an update on   Clinical Trials on unprotected Left Main Interventions and their impact on Daily Clinical Practice. I'm going to discuss the optimal revascularization strategy for patients with left main stenosis (bypass surgery -CABG  or  Percutaneous Coronary Intervention -PCI -)   The advent of newer generation of drug-eluting stents (DES) with  improvements  reported  in both safety and efficacy has promoted again dedicated randomized trials comparing CABG and PCI (as NOBLE  and EXCEL) as well as in the last 2 years several met analysis were updated adding  nearly 3000 patients (included in NOBLE and EXCEL  trials). The results   of these meta-analyses I will be discussed and more importantly   it is clear now that death, spontaneous MI or stroke is not significantly different between PCI and CABG both at 1 year and >3 years. If these results will be confirmed over a longer period of follow-up, then percutaneous coronary interventions for unprotected left main disease will be confirmed as valid alternative to bypass surgery in a good number of patients.

A wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt)

I'm sure that CardioAlex 2018 will have a great success also this year and I wish a great success and prosperity for the whole Country.

Angina signs, treatment and prevention

Finally, I would like to underline how much is important the awareness of the population on coronary artery disease.

The main symptoms of this disease is chest pain (called angina) which can be manifested on exertion and sometimes also at rest.  Anyone suffering these symptoms should consult his cardiologist, who can plan how to proceed for diagnosis and treatment. Coronary artery disease can be treated effectively (medical treatment percutaneous coronary angioplasty and bypass surgery), and most importantly prevention strategies are also very important to prevent the progression of the disease (i.e. stop smoking, good control of blood pressure lowering plasmatic lipids -cholesterol- ....)  as well as daily physical activity can also provide benefits.

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