Basic science

Basic science

We had the pleasure to have few minutes from Dr. Radwa’s time and have a small talk with her.

Dr. Radwa Mehanna started her talk about her beloved country and said “I wish improvement in all life aspects in Egypt especially in the health care status and education. For the near future I wish the Egyptian national football team success at the FIFA World Cup in Russia and hope that Egypt makes achievements in different fields”.

Then she resumed her talk and talked about CardioAlex “I wish CardioAlex more and more success, and I wish there would be CardioAlex every month instead of every year as it represents a unique and extremely thorough source of continuous medical education in the field of cardiovascular science and all allied specialties”.

We were so curious about what will she present this year in CardioAlex. She gave us the chance and told us about her part in the conference. “Being part of the basic Science team in CardioAlex, this year I will present on: cellular senescence and heart failure, reviewing the interrelation between both and applied methods for cardiac rejuvenation” Said Dr. Radwa.

Dr. Radwa completed her talk talking about Why Basic science is a part of CardioAlex.

You don’t begin to recognize the applications until the discoveries are in your hand”, this what basic research is all about. Basic cardiovascular research tackles the whys, the mechanisms and the discoveries in the field. And thus it has to be a part of CardioAlex.

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