Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

As a part of our global health research, we interviewed international cardiologists from all over the world. This time, we had a small interview with one of the best cardiologists; Prof.  Ali Toure Ibrahim; he was very generous to answer our questions.

We asked him:

What motivated you to be a part of CardioAlex2018 international faculty?

And he answered:

Most popular cardiology event in Africa and Middle east where all the subjects of cardiology are discussed.

What is your advice to Egyptian young physicians?

Young Egyptian cardiologists should do their best to learn and continue this huge effort done by the elders to perform the continuous medical education.

Could you enlighten & give us a brief about the topic you will present this year?

My topics this year is on cardiac risk in patient with hypertension Exercise is good for any people with or without hypertension, but in hypertension some complications can happen in hypertensive patient‎ as when they have comorbidities, or when they take some medicines and it varies according to the type of hypertension, the type of sport, and type of medication not necessary cardiac drugs.

Some recommendations should be given to hypertensive patients.

wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt)

CardioAlex should continue

What is cardiac rehabilitation program? And do you recommend it?

Cardiac rehabilitation is the way to help patient to recover. More Quickly when they had cardiac events with eventually some physical exercises.

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