CardioAlex Social Program

We have to mention one of CardioAlex main activities which is the social program.

Which have lots of insight on various of topics that is discussed in a 2 days’ program.

One of the most interesting topics is life coaching, Relationship Coaching, Health & Nutrition Life Coaching with the collaboration of the International Coach Federation.

Brief: The International Coach Federation is the biggest accreditation body

in the world for Coaches. It holds very high standards and a strong

code of ethics to ensure that only qualified coaches are accredited.

Those coaches are:

Sarah fathalla

Life coach &kids Etiquette and Manner Trainer

“I look back over my whole life; I discovered that each forward step I took. Was because I decided to take charge of myself, be the pillar of my life and get out from the comfort zone.”



Carine Abdel Aziz

Relationship Coach

“I am a certified Relationship Coach & a computer science engineer who owned a private business for 13 years. Afterwards; I chose to undergo a career shift towards a field where I can practice my passion rather than only practicing a routine task.”



Ebrahim Makram

RelationShip Coach

Ebrahim is Ain Shams Univ. graduate from School of Engineering. In addition to master’s degree in business administration. He is specialized in telecommunication solution since 1999. He led many management roles in Vodafone, Orange and other software houses till date.


Last but not least you have to “Train Your Body” with

Nadine El Diwany

36 years old, Mother of 2

CrossFit and Group Fitness Coach

Owner of CrossFit Tycoons

“As a mother I know how hard it is to find time to look after yourself, as a working mother I know how harder it is to organise your time. “



CardiAlex 2017 Social Program Booklet

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