A case of chronic total inclusion

Interview with Prof Mohamed Lotfi
Interviewing with Dr. Mohamed Lotfi, here is what he said about CardioAlex 2018:

A wish…

This year in 2018 CardioAlex which is the biggest cardiology conference in the middle east the main aim of our conference is the education of the medical professional and the updates of the guidelines and the updates of different techniques regarding PCI electro physiology cardiac surgery and different fields of structural heart disease to be presented in the conference.


This year I am going to present a case of chronic total inclusion, during this live case we are going to discuss the different techniques as regards the wires, the different tools to help to open chronic total inclusion. As regards the other sessions in CardioAlex we are trying this year to gather different topics under the same session so when we are going to discuss a case of chronic total inclusion for example we are going first to have a brief lecture on the different techniques of chronic total inclusion as regards tips and tricks and how to manipulate this difficult legal subset (1:55) we also will have parallel to it a training for the young physicians on how to use the different tool for chronic total inclusion opening with the use of demonstrations and live in a box case then following that we are going to present the live demonstration and then discuss together the outcome and benefits in different patients.

The difference between heart attack and heart burn

It is very important to illustrate the patient when the patient experience a heart or chest pain if the pain is constricting or heavy in the left side radiating to the arm jaw and associated with sweating or difficulty in breath and if the patient receive sub lingual nitrates and chest pain is relieved and it occurs with excursion or after emotional stress this goes with chest pain due to cardiac origin and he has to seek medical advice in order to prescribe the proper medication and to do the proper investigations, lap investigations imaging to diagnose his cardiac condition. If the pain is present mainly in the upper …… (1:51) and the pain is … (1:53) and it is related to the type of food for example if it is related to the intake of fried or spicy food and in the form of burn sensation with radiation in the middle of the chest upright and this is mainly due to heart burn or gastric problem. But usually advice all patients who are suffering from chest pain or upper abdominal pain to seek medical advice as early as possible in order to properly diagnose his condition and to do the proper investigation to diagnose and to treat the patient early.


During the sessions in CardioAlex either the interventional cardiology cases done during live transmission or the abroad live transmission or the live in a box cases or the different clinical patient scenarios which is discussed in different cardiology fields during CardioAlex we are trying to implement the guidelines and we found that when we are doing a continues medical education and we stress to apply the guidelines while we are managing patients in the different cardiology fields this is reflected in better clinical outcome. In Alexandria University hospital we did a seses and during this sises compared between three hospitals. The first is a private hospital implementing and applying the guidelines for patient management and to gather with the availability of different tools. The second was the university hospital applying the guidelines but with some deficiency in the different tools used to manage the patient either drugs or devices. The third was in the ministry hospital the guidelines were not properly applied unfortunately and there is deficiency in the devices and some drugs and we are aiming to see the outcomes of these patients. And you find that the best outcome when we are applying the guidelines either in the university hospital or in private hospital and this reflected on … (2:25) and in case of not applying the guidelines in the other hospital there was the worst outcome. So we are stressing for all the young physician to attend the sessions discussing the different guidelines in CardioAlex on order to be updated with the latest knowledge of the guidelines and to implement this knowledge in management of their patient.
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