Children heart failure and stroke

Children heart failure and stroke

We were so lucky to have a small interview with Prof. Sameh Arab, he talked about what’s new in CardioAlex and said: “CardioAlex will deal as usual with updates in all fields of cardiology, as well as hand-on training to junior physicians. This year we will also address the public through educative sessions.”

Then he added about what will he present this year in CardioAlex this year, “ I will head a team for training lay people from outside the medical field on how to do cardiac massage, resuscitation and first aid. In another session I will talk about early detection of congenital heart diseases immediately after birth by a simple and cheap bedside method that can be done in any non-advanced hospital and by a junior physician or nurse with limited experience” he answered.

We asked him also the two following questions:

Can children have heart failure?

“Heart failure itself is not a primary disease but a complication that may follow any advanced and neglected heart disease. The most common causes of heart failure in children are valve diseases secondary to rheumatic affection and congenital diseases. Other less common causes include hypertension, inflammations of the heart and some auto-immune diseases”

What causes ischemic stroke in children?

“If you mean by ischemic stroke a coronary artery ischemia, this is rare in children. It can occur with diseases that cause thickening of the heart muscle, and hence there will be imbalance between blood supply and demand to the muscle, like severe aortic valve stenosis for example. Also primary diseases of the coronary arteries that supply the heart may lead to ischemia. This happens – though uncommon – in some complex congenital diseases like transposition of great arteries, or in some auto-immune diseases like Kawasaki disease.”

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