Cigarettes Smoking might cause Arrhythmia

Cigarettes Smoking might cause Arrhythmia.

As a part of our global health research, we interviewed international cardiologists from all over the world. This time, we had an interview with one of the best cardiologists and one of the CardioAlex board members; Prof. Moustafa Nawar; he was very generous to answer our questions.

We asked him:

What’s new in CardioAlex 2018?

And he answered:

This year there are a lot of new contributions in CardioAlex, CardioAlex is always representing new techniques and new adventures in cardiology practice, especially in the topics that need a lot of skills such as the interventional cardiology electrophysiology, this year electrophysiology will be presented in a new shape giving the chance for all junior staff to see a new techniques all over the world and live in a box and live transmission from different Egyptian centers will be done, also some techniques will be presented from abroad should the skills juniors will be up to the point.

A wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt)

Now CardioAlex is the best meeting done even in the middle east regional area, and it is the most important meeting in Egypt and it covers all techniques and skills in all cardiology practice and all Egyptian cardiologist are contributing in it from Alexandria up to Aswan is not just for the cardiologist in Alexandria but all Egyptian cardiologists are contributing in such a meeting.

What will you present this year in CardioAlex 2018?

I’ve been in the last few years just organizing the meeting concerned the electrophysiology contributions and I’m not sharing with talks but I am just preparing the whole program, the scientific program, the skills program, training, the workshops and a live transmission. I am supervising everything concerning the electrophysiology practice.

There is a little question that is frequently asked by patients.

Will my cardioverter-defibrillator implant be affected by going through security checks at an airport?

Are the devices implant in these patients are affected by the security check up in the airports, banks, hotels and so on?

This is very common question it may be affected in a sense that specially the best maker dependent patient will be affected by such a signals, so that the device will sense the waves that comes out of the security unit as if they are intrinsic and it will be inhibited through it. these patients have just a cards signifying that they have a device and they should not pass through this security check up in the airport, In the other way around it just a metallic unit is placed the left infrascapular region, where the device will be sense it as it a foreign body the signals of the alarm will be there, so that patient should not pass through this and should have their identity card signifying that they have a special device implanted in their bodies.

Could my shortness of breath be due to a heart arrhythmia?

The presentation of arrhythmias is very common, palpitations just feeling the heart beats shortness of breath chest pain, tightness, dizziness, syncope.

the presentation is quite different and the shortness of breath may be one of the most of presentation of arrhythmias which is very common in the everyday practice, one should not restrict the diagnosis of arrhythmia on palpitation ore rated heart beats as the patients describes but it may be the shortness of breath chest pain, tightness, dizziness, syncope, lightheadedness or even drop of the blood pressure may signify that they have some form of arrhythmias.

Can smoking cigarettes cause a heart arrhythmia?

Smoking also affects arrhythmias and when the patient is getting shortness of breath or low oxygen saturation in his body will manifest it as a form of series arrhythmia may be due to the shortness of the oxygen saturation very low oxygen saturation and high carbon dioxide saturation in the blood and in the lungs may cause some form of arrhythmia and quitting of smoking will help a lot this patient to control their symptoms.

I have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Is this life threatening?

The most important issue in arrhythmias now is the atrial fibrillation, it’s a very common presentation and still the one of the arrhythmias that have not be well tackled in the last years.

supraventricular tachycardia , Atrial flutter, and  atrial arrhythmias are well controlled but atrial fibrillation has been for a long time trying to control it,  the last technique by pulmonary vein ablation using the cryo facilitated very much and make it very easy to control this form of arrhythmia by pulmonary vein ablation using the cryoablation, previously we used to do the pulmonary vein ablation using the carto and the energy was frequently radio energy it was heat energy but now it’s cooling energy, it’s a Cryoablation and procedure is very much shorter and outcome is the very promising, we have done it a lot cases a year in Alexandria and the outcome is so far so good and the follow up around one a half year or two years with no recurrence of symptoms and I hope this patient will carry on in a better shape of life.

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