Congestive heart failure

Congestive heart failure

It was our great pleasure to have a small but productive talk with Dr. Sherif Wagdy Ayad.  “I wish more success to CardioAlex year after year hoping one day it will be biggest cardiology meeting “. This how Dr. Sherif Wagdy Ayad started his talk. Then he added “Also I wish to my lovely country Egypt more stabilization, peace and advancement.

Over than this, he has stated that this year the program includes many updates in different cardiology fields. He also declared that he will be giving a lecture on updates in Hypertension management. He also will present a live complex coronary intervention case from ICC hospital.

Then we pointed on Congestive heart failure. He commented saying “Congestive heart failure is one of the most difficult cardiology diseases. Patient is suffering from difficulty in breathing, fatigue, generalized oedema as well as he cannot do his usual daily activity. Recently these patients started to have new hopes with the introduction of new pharmacogical therapies as ENTRESTO which significantly improved clinical and mortality outcomes as well as improvement in quality of life”.

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