Difference between angina and heart attack

Difference between angina and heart attack

What’s new in CardioAlex 2018?

He answered:

Live transmission from the EP lab in Alexandria University for the first time.

A wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt):

I wish continuous success for CardioAlex to become always the largest and most important cardiology gathering in the middle East.

What will you present this year in CardioAlex 2018?

I will present a live transmission of CRT-D implantation from Alexandria University EP lab, a challenging case of difficult CRT-P implantation and also I will present a case of difficult situation in primary PCI.

What do you advice people with previous stroke & stents?

I advise patients with previous coronary stent implantation to be fully compliant on their medications as well as healthy life style. They should take low dose aspirin with clopidogrel or ticagrelor for 6-12 months. They should maintain their LDL level below 70 mg/dl by diet, regular exercise and statin therapy. They are also advised to seek immediate medical care in case of feeling persistent chest pain without delay.

What is the difference between angina and a heart attack?

Angina is a term to describe chest pain due to coronary artery stenosis. It commonly a retrosternal chest tightness that is not us precipitated by stress or exercise and relieved by rest and sublingual nitrates. Heart attack describes the situation of persistent anginal pain that is not relieved by rest or nitrate. Heart attack is a life threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention.

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