heart diseases affecting children around the age of 5 years are those affecting the valves following bacterial infections.

children suffer from heart diseases that fall into two main groups

we can’t forget the children so in our journey we had a small, but fruitful interview with

Prof.Sameh Arab,MD,FACC,FESC

Professor of Cardiology, Alexandria University

CardioAlex this year will be divided into three, the first will be 4D ultrasound, echo workshops (which we talked about last year) and the third would be cardiopulmonary resuscitate, we will try to add a workshop to it. This year there will be five sessions with international experts about all new updates in the cardiology field. We will have ten symposiums about echo and catheterization. The clinical part we don’t give it that much of importance, but this year we will focus on it. Last but not least we will talk about surgery combined with cardiology.

Hope the best of luck and welcome to CardioAlex 2017.

As it’s Women Year, what is the best prevention methods for women’s heart?

Many recent topics will be discussed in CardioAlex2017, but since we are now in Women Year, I would like to point to a very interesting and recent research just published few days ago, and will be discussed in our conference. This study is about the discovery of some markers that their absence in the blood of the fetus can cause malformations in the his heart during fetal life – named congenital diseases – and can result in malformations like a hole in the heart, an abnormal valve or abnormal course of a blood vessel. Hopefully this might be an early step in future treatment of these diseases before birth.

What do you advice the parents, with children that suffer from heart diseases & when to seek help? Is there a prevention method to avoid heart disease in younger ages?

Generally, children suffer from heart diseases that fall into two main groups. The first are those that start in the uterus before birth and result in malformations of the heart. The direct cause is still unknown, but there are some factors that help their development, like exposure to radiation, certain infections like german measles or intake of some drugs by the pregnant mother. She should avoid such exposure and avoid intake of any unneccessary medications without prescription by a qualified physician. Alchol intake and smoking should also be avoided as they might contribute too to the development of such diseases. Women are advised to check the baby immediately after birth by a pediatrician even if he apparently looks normal, since some of these diseases remain undetectable for a variable time. If such diseases are suspected by the gynacologist during routine ultrasound examination before labor, women are advised to visit a specialized cardiologist called “fetal echocardiographer” who can study the heart of the fetus in details by ultrasound. Some diseases like abnormal heart rhythm can be treated by drugs before birth, while many others can be scheduled for immediate interference once the baby is born. The recently-discovered markers which I just mentioned might also be a routine test in the upcoming years when such diseases are suspected, especially in vulnerable families.

The other group of heart diseases affecting children around the age of 5 years are those affecting the valves following bacterial infections. This first shows itself by repeated throat infection and joint pains. The mother is advised to check the child by a specialized physician called “pediatric cardiologist”, and the child is given penicillin every two weeks to prevent the effect of such bacteria on the heart valves. Surgical removal of the tonsils is also indicated in some cases to avoid destruction of the valves.


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