Heart Failure is an emerging problem across the world

Heart Failure is an emerging problem across the world

It’s very important to interview various cardiology professors to get a closer & closer view about the specialty.

Now we have an interview with Prof. Haissam Haddad, Professor of Cardiology

And one of CardioAlex board members.

We asked him:

What motivated you to be a part of CardioAlex2018 international faculty?

He answered:
I have been in Egypt before and I love your country! The CardioAlex meeting is an Important large cardiovascular meeting with high caliber speakers and a great scientific program and it is a big honor for anyone to be invited to be part of this congress.

What is your advice to Egyptian young physicians?

Medicine is a great field to serve the humanity, it is life time learning. Be respectful and keep working to maintain your knowledge and deal with your weakness.

Could you enlighten & give us a brief about the topic you will present this year?

I will be given an update on Heart Failure with preserved Ejection fraction which is an emerging problem across the world with no specific treatment.

A wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt)

I hope everyone a safe travel, and a great success for the meeting.

What are the Causes and Risks for HF? Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heart Failure?

The causes of heart failure can be ischemic ( secondary to blockage in the coronaries arteries- Heart attack) or Non Ischemic ( Hypertension, Valvular Disease, Familial, Viral Infection, Diabetes, Obesity and many others.

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