Is heart valve disease life threatening?

Is heart valve disease life threatening

As we are keen about our reader’s health and their wellbeing, we have been working on interviewing cardiologists from all over Egypt. We have landed in Alexandria, as we had a small chat with Dr. Mohamed Khaled El Feky; to talk about CardioAlex2018 & what’s new, he was very generous to answer our questions.

We asked him:

What will you present this year in CardioAlex 2018?

He answered:

I will be presenting a case of coronary intervention, showing tips and tricks in the approach to abnormal origin and severe tortuosity.

Do people recover from heart surgery cough often?

Advances in cardiac surgery improved the results and recovery and mostly patients can resume their normal life in days.

Can one have a small heart attack?

Yes, lucky ones can have a small heart attack, it depends on the amount of heart muscle affected.

Can i die from a heart valve defect?

Valvular heart disease is very hot area in the field of Cardiology as recent advances in the percutaneous interventions showing high promises in reducing death and improve quality of life.

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