I wish CardioAlex is the top worldwide international meeting

“The great progress that CardioAlex has reached, made it difficult and challenging to think of more ideas to be added to the conference …”

We had an honor to meet with Prof. Moustafa Nawar and we have got a small interview:

He said “I am an electro physiologist, this year CardioAlex program is very rich in this topic. This year the program has the latest scientific updates like the cryoablation which is a new source of ablation it’s a source of energy that is combined with radiofrequency or without it that is used in many procedures and treatments. It is used in the atrial fibrillation treatment and others. It’s one of the most advanced technology and with more benefits for the patients..”

Memories of CardioAlex are very everlasting:
Prof. Moustafa Nawar talks about the precious history of CardioAlex saying, “I remember CardioAlex since it was held only for two or three hours and the attendants were only from Cairo, Ain Shams and Alexandria universities. When the conference grew bigger, it was transfered to the academic building of the faculty of medicine, Alexandria university.”

Prof. Moustafa added, “The conference began to grow gradually till it reached the duration of a whole day and then it was held for Thursday and Friday and eventually, it reached its peak with its current image.”

“The program and the numbers of attendants began to increase and the conference techniques became better. Mainly, it is a great pride that the organizing group from the cardiology department, Alexandria university, is as contributing and active as ever. And this is the most vital feature that created such an amazing conference.”

” Since CardioAlex has begun , it is regards as the milestone in the field of cardiology as it’s been attracting a great number of cardiologists on both the Arab and the international levels. CardioAlex has a wide reputation worldwide and a lot of doctors from all over the world wish to attend it annually.”

Will my cardioverter-defibrillator implant be affected by going through security checks at an airport?

This disease is an electric implantable device (CEID) implanted in the left upper quadrant of the chest that controls the heart rate in a metallic case.

The electronic gate maybe elected by the metallic case leading to alarm from the device.

The electric circuits will not be affected by passage through these gates, but what is important is the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans that should be carried out except for MRI compatible device.

I have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Is this life threatening?

Atrial fibrillation is a rapid irregular pulsation that is very common in patients with and without cardiac problems. The prognosis of this irregular pulse is related to the regional disease and concomitant diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart failure, in addition to getting older is an additional factor that increases the risk of atrial fibrillation

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