Information about cardioAlex

So that we could gain information about cardioAlex, we interviewed with Doctor Ebtehag Hamdy , a professor at cardiology department (Alexandria university):

Good morning, I am doctor Ebthag Hamdy, professor at cardiology department (Alexandria university). 

“In fact, I am here to talk about CardioAlex that I started with Dr. Mohammed sobhy and Icom.It’s extremely clear that all the participants in CardioAlex have been doing their best since 2007.”

“Every year, we experience a great progress and more subjects to be discussed. The conference is covering all the cardiological subjects like pressure, diabetes, fats and surely heart clots and how to deal with such cardiovascular diseases. It’s quite clear that CardioAlex has a local and international impact.”

“We make unique sessions with a great attendance that increases every year .”


“I wish to have more ideas to be discussed in the future .
Discussing the local and international progress in cardiology.”


“All the members of cardiology department contribute with each other.”

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