Interview with the Chairman

We had a very fruitful interview with CardioAlex Chairman; Prof. Mohamed Sobhey; at first he walked with us on the memory lane of CardioAlex from the beginning:

He said ”2002 was the start. At that time there were 4 different conferences; Cardiology Department Conference – Alexandria University, the Egyptian Society of Cardiology conference, the Pan Arab Intervention conference and the Working Group one.”

After a while, we decided to integrate them all under one roof as CARDIOALEX.

We started inviting Arab and Foreign guests. And they were so encouraged to come and join us in our event.

QUOTE 1: CardioAlex Board is fixed which caused the event to get bigger and stable

The board was consisting of me as the head, Dr. Mahmoud Hassanein and Dr. Mostafa Nawar, then Dr. Tarek El Zawawy joined the team as he became the head of the Cardiology Department Prof. Mohamed Ayman Abdel Hay and it’s the department conference.

Conference stability is due to the fixed board team and the organization office. The board team used to educate juniors for the past 12 years and now those juniors became members of that board as assistant doctors and collaborating in the conference pre arrangements.

QUOTE 2: CardioAlex is a preceding

In 2002, CardioAlex was the first medical conference in Egypt to establish the timer and PowerPoint presentations.

Few years ago, we started collaboration with some International Societies and they had sessions on CardioAlex program. Also, CardioAlex was a preceding in getting international accreditation from different bodies. It was the first to have accreditation from American and European bodies in Egypt, since any international event must have rules in transferring knowledge worldwide.

Also, many live transmissions took place during CardioAlex since it started. It was the only medical event to have many live transmissions from different sites national and international ones all in one time. It was the first conference to transmit live cases from Egyptian sites like “Bibliotheca Alexandrina” with international ones. In 2014, was the first time to transmit from different cities in Egypt.

QUOTE 3: 10 subspecialties under one roof “CardioAlex”

CardioAlex is including 10 conferences with different subspecialties under one name.

Most of the international speakers Americans, Europeans and Arabs had attended the conference to add their input in this subspecialty.

QUOTE 4: CardioAlex with an International flavor

We started doing scientific sessions in Korea, USA, Lebanon & Dubai as “Best of CardioAlex”. This year 2015, we’ll be having more sessions in Tunisia, Lebanon, Dubai and more…

Also, we are having booths in all the international conferences all over the year for marketing precedures.

That’s why CardioAlex is having the international flavor.

QUOTE 5: CardioAlex is always facing hard times As well CardioAlex is the only medical & touristic event

Having CardioAlex in Alexandria is making it the biggest scientific and touristic conference in the area, as it’s stimulating the tourism rate. Even during the revolution period, the attendance rate wasn’t affected. On the contrary, it exceeded other year’s rate.

What made CardioAlex stable in Egypt during hard times is its scientific level stability and raising the awareness that the medical education is continued.

The attendance rate became around 5000 doctors after the revolution time, and having CardioAlex on same time each year is a proof of success and that the conference is stimulating the tourism rate. The hotels, restaurants, transportation means are all occupied pre, during and post the event.

Also, it’s proofing that Egypt is existing on the map and that it is stable and safe.

We didn’t want to miss the updates & news that will be discussed this year so we asked him about CardioAlex new sessions & topics this year, he replied:

“as for the intervention; we have 4 workshops: C10, LM BifurcationCHTP & TAVI. each will be discussed in 2 hours’ program.” He added “we have also very challenging live transmission cases; international with TCT, JIM (Very difficult cases) & National 7 cases from ICC Hospital & Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria university. We have 25 live in a box cases recorded from all over Egypt. “ he paused “ this year we have a special session called Meet the legends with Prof. Antonio Colombo from JIM, Prof. Jack Lewin from ACC, TCT & Prof. Mohamed Sobhy from CardioAlex, CVREP” “ We have also a new topic called fellows @ CardioAlex  which will be discussed in 3 sessions. Also we have Smoking Cessation Workshop & not to forget a session specially dedicated for women” he added “we have joint sessions with various respectful international entities in the cardiology field such as JIM, C3, Cleveland Clinics, Emirates Society of Cardiology”


We asked him:

What is the difference between angina and a heart attack?

Heart attack means when someone suffers from uneasiness and chest pain, shortness of breath due to cardiac problem. It could be coronaries, asthma, or myocardium.

On the other side: angina means that the vessel is blocked & the person will suffer from chest pain in the middle of the chest, lower part of the neck or epigastrium, lower jaws, both arms or the back..

It could be accompanied by burning, dull aching, squeezing or could occur during exercises and lasts for 20 min. associated with sweating or nausea relieved by rest or sublingual night rates.  After all that if the symptoms were still there. the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital urgently.

If it lasted long and chest pain & the ACG changed this means that the artery is completely blocked! This called acute myocardial infarction which needs immediate check in to the hospital.


Finally, As it’s Women Year, what is the best prevention methods for women’s heart?

  • Exercise
  • Smoking
  • No oral contraceptives
  • Avoid obesity and maintain healthy diet

Women should follow up with doctors to monitor their health regardless when they have some coronary diseases some of them needs special treatment.



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