Keeping your Heart Healthy

Keeping your Heart Healthy

We were so lucky to meet up with Dr. Rasha Abayazeed, and she was generous enough to give us a glimpse about what’s going on in cardioAlex 2018.

We asked her:

What’s new in CardioAlex 2018?

And she answered:

New in CardioAlex this year, I think more participation of the young fellows including me.

A wish…(CardioAlex & Egypt):

I wish that the new technology we present in CardioAlex to be available at all cardiology department in Alexandria University, so we can apply what we see in practical way and benefit the poor patients who can’t afford the cost of private health organization.

What will you present this year in CardioAlex 2018?

I will present: 2 sessions in echocardiography.

1 echo case for the Rashwan prize.

1 session in basic science.

What is the best prevention advice you can give us? How to keep your Heart Healthy?

Best prevention advice Both by eating healthy food and regular exercise.

I wish to say avoid stress but there is no way anybody would be able to do so.

What is the best prevention methods for women’s heart?

Eating healthy food, regular exercise and try not to be so emotional while dealing with stressful situation because this is too much demand on your heart.

When I got blood taking out of me why did I pass out?

It is mostly vasovagal attack due pain, some people also suffer from orthostatic hypotension when large amount of blood is taking while standing, that’s why the blood samples should be always withdrawn with patient sitting or in supine position.

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