Less salty food, is one of the best prevention methods for women’s hearts.

We were so lucky to meet up with Prof. Mohamed Sadaka, and he was generous enough to give us a glimpse about what’s going on in cardioAlex 2017.

At first he just wanted to welcome the crowds;

Welcome to CardioAlex 2017, we have the honor to continue the fellows at CardioAlex, it was before called cardiologists of tomorrow now it’s called fellows at CardioAlex, our concern this year is to attract the biggest number of fellows to CardioAlex, we have three tracks this year during CardioAlex, the first is with the future with a very interesting session we are going to meet all over the world with E-cardiology and E-learning in cardiology and also up to date researches.

The second track we are going to invite you to meet the legends, we are going to invite the legends from all over the world, I think Prof. Antonia Colombo, Prof. Jack Loen and Prof. Mohamed Sobhy will speak about their experience over 20 -30 years in the cardiology field, they offer to improve your knowledge in the fellowship program, improve your skills, how to choose your career in the Cardiology field and finally meet the challenge. This year we will have a bit of a change after the guidelines competition last year, we are going to introduce challenges in different fields of cardiology, imaging modalities, electro physiology and in intervention cardiology, there will be a lot of competitions and we will also have a grand prize for the three fellow winners.

Thank you, see you all at CardioALex…
We asked him:

What’s new in CardioAlex 2017?

He answered: Meet the legends (Antonio Colombo and Jake Leon)

As it’s Women Year, what is the best prevention methods for women’s heart?

As regards women health

I give them 3 advices :

  1. Weight reduction
  2. Walking
  3. Less salty food

What do you advice people with previous stroke & stents?

I advice People with previous stents to:

  • Walk 30 min a day
  • Eat Low fat diet
  • Tight control of DM & BP
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