Living with Heart Failure

Living with Heart Failure

As a part of our global health research, we interviewed international cardiologists from all over the world. This time, we had a small interview with one of the best cardiologists; Prof. Hisham Dokainish; he was very generous to answer our questions.

We asked him:

What motivated you to be a part of CardioAlex2018 international faculty?

And he answered:

I wanted to participate in a major Egyptian cardiovascular conference, in order to support the development of knowledge and science in Egypt, and also because I am of Egyptian origin.

What is your advice to Egyptian young physicians?

To study hard, to always do what is best for your patient, to practice evidence-based medicine, and to seek international educational opportunities and experience where possible.

Could you enlighten & give us a brief about the topic you will present this year?

I will speak about 2 major international studies in heart failure (HF) that we are conducting out of the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) affiliated with McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The first is INTER-CHF, a prospective cohort study of 5823 heart failure patients recruited from 16 non-Western countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America (including the Aswan Heart Center, under the leadership of Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub). We found major regional variations in mortality at one-year in these HF patients, and will discuss the potential reasons for these findings. I will also speak about our current study, the Global Congestive Heart Failure (G-CHF) Study. This is a global prospective cohort study of 20,000 HF patients in 40 countries recruited in all regions of the world. In this study, we hope to better explore and understand risk factors for HF, co-morbidities, and predictors of outcomes, and will do so in countries from all income-levels (Western and non-Western).

A wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt).

That the conference is well-attended, that attendees learn new, exciting things about cardiovascular disease, and that attendees enjoy Alexandria, Egypt and the summer sun!

Living with Heart Failure and what are my Treatment Options?

Fortunately for patients living with HF, there are now many good treatment options. Medications such as ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, mineralocorticoid inhibitors, beta blockers and sacubitril/valsartan improve symptoms and extend life. Also very important to patient health are a proper diet (eliminating fast food and excessive amounts of salt), moderate exercise, and smoking cessation.

How to Choose my cardiologist?

It is always best to choose a cardiologist based on personal experiences of other patients he or she may have taken care of. Also, assessing the cardiologist’s education and training is important, especially if they are trained and have experience at major, well-known national and international institutions.

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