Prevention is better than treatment

Welcome to all my colleges, we present to you CardioAlex 2017, one of the biggest conferences in Egypt and the middle east in the Cardiology field and of course as we know that the cardiology field always has new to present and show to us here in Egypt and worldwide.

Our patients deserve the best care through the development in the cardiology field, our patients are our priority, all our activities are held to deliver the best care to our patients, subsequently improving the medication in the cardiology field.

We have the medical knowledge concerning our patients, and this is an important factor, it’s the hub that is holding together the patient care and the patient knowledge as we say “prevention is better than treatment” from the most important things is to educate our patients on how to prevent themselves from cardiovascular illness, they have to know how to check themselves early in order to receive the best medication and care from the doctors, also they have to know the importance of the time factor in the cardiovascular diseases.

As well we have to get educated about the new researches, medication and treatment. All that awareness and more will be delivered through CardioAlex 2017 that will begin on the 23rd of May.

Thank you again, and will meet you at the conference.

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