Some tips to take care of patients

Interview with Prof.Samir Rafla

We were delighted to have a talk with Prof. Samir Rafla. We wanted to be acquainted with his talks, he was so lavish and reviled his talks and they were a lecture titled early repolarization syndrome and an EP case.
Prof. Samir Rafla was so consistent to send direct messages to the patients about some tips to take care of. Those tips were about atrial fibrillation and the tips were:

  • He needs anticoagulants to prevent thrombi that can go to brain or other organs. Anticoagulants are marevan or the new oral anticoagulants.
  • He needs management of the etiology as hypertension, valvular disease, ischemia, hyperthyroidism, obesity…
  • He needs rhythm control by drugs or ablation. If not possible then rate control.

We asked him whether will someone’s ICD be affected by going through security checks at airport? He answered “No, your ICD will not be affected but as a role tell them to examine you manually instead of passing in the X ray gate.”

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