Warning signs of heart attack

Warning signs of heart attack.

Interviewing with doctor Mohamed El Sanhory, here is what he said about CardioAlex:

We asked him:

What’s new in CardioAlex 2018?

And he answered:
In my subspecialty, what is new is the live transmission of cryoballoon ablation of Atrial fibrillation for the first time in Egypt

A wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt)

I wish our congress will continue the story of success and to recruit larger number of experts from all over the world

What will you present this year in CardioAlex 2018?

For me i will operate with prof Gaetano Fassini from Italy a cryoballoon ablation case, also i will deliver 2 presentations about sudden cardiac death and rule of heart rate variability to predict mortality post MI

Is tightness in the chest a warning sign of a heart attack?

Off course, any patient who experiences chest discomfort or tightness should sought medical advice urgently especially with new onset symptom and presence of risk factors like hypertension or diabetes.

How can you tell the difference between heartburn and a heart attack?

Heart burn is a symptom that could result from variety of causes including gastric troubles,
Heart attack is equivalent to acute coronary syndrome or acute myocardial ischemia.

What actions should be taken after surviving a heart attack?

Acutely , the patient should be assessed for the need of urgent coronary intervention together with various medications to stabilize the case, after hospital discharge we keep the patient on antiplatelet medications statins, beta blockers and nitrates as needed.
We educate the patient about his condition, what to avoid, value of physical exercise and medication adherence.

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