Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heart Failure

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heart Failure.

As we are keen about our reader’s health and their wellbeing, we have been working on interviewing cardiologists from all over globe, as we had an interview with Dr. Fakhr Al Ayoubi; to talk about CardioAlex2018 & what’s new, She was very generous to answer our questions.

And She started:
It is my pleasure that I respond to the questions. It is part of the price that one has to pay for being in the Public at all times.  One thing I should stress that I only answer when I think I can help someone make the right choice.

We asked her:

What motivated you to be a part of CardioAlex2018 international faculty?

And she answered:

People who have known me for an extended period of time know that I rarely say no to anything that has a potential for being good. This could be a weak point but I never regretted helping people. The way we were raised was to be glad to help a fellow man in way and that what my brothers and family believe in CardioAlex is a popular among many of the elite and if we can reach these people I feel that we have achieved a great deal.

What is your advice to Egyptian young physicians?

One of our mentors have always reminded us that in our profession we cannot afford not to read. We have to read on regular basis. We have to stay current in what we know. Our teacher once asked us when it time to retire from our profession nobody could think of the answer he wanted but he said the day you think you cannot learn anything new is the day one has to retire not before that. This is my advice to all of the us we are constantly learning.

Could you enlighten & give us a brief about the topic you will present this year?

I like to listen to the new comers in the specialty and listen to their problems. By doing this one would quickly realize that a problem of any size is a relative problem. What the new generation feels like a great problem.

A wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt)

More enthusiastic staff like you perhaps would take these newsletter miles in the direction of greater popularity and perhaps the status of a Journal. In order to excel one has to love what he/she does that when progress would take place.

What are the Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heart Failure?

Good question, broadly speaking any unusual fatigue of shortness of breath should be a source of concern to all of us. Having said that one should have the common sense of looking at everything with some thoughts. Let’s take one symptom say shortness of breath and think about it. If you look for the meaning of a symptom it is ok to be short of breath after running for over ten minutes. On the other hand, if mere talking makes one short of breath that is significant and should be looked into.

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