What can valve defect and chest pain lead to?

What can valve defect and chest pain lead to

We had the pleasure to meet prof. Mohamed Sadaka, the meeting was so fruitful and he was so generous to answer our questions the heart valve and chest pain. We asked him the following:

Can I die from heart valve defect?

Yes, unfortunately if the valvular lesion is so severe like severe stenosis or regurgitation, it may lead to cardiomegaly, heart failure or lethal arrhythmia which may leads to death. That’s why any patient with heart valve defect should consult a cardiologist with close follow up by echocardiography and other specific investigations to monitor the progression of the disease and to detect the proper timing of valvular intervention either by surgical or catheter.

I had chest pain that hurt really bad for about 15 min & could it be signs of a heart attack?

Yes, it could be, any patient who experienced chest pain for 15 min should go to nearby specialized hospital with cardiology facilities and he should be transported by ambulance because this could be a heart attack till proved otherwise, which will be confirmed by electrocardiogram and cardiac markers, if the diagnosis is confirmed it will be treated by cardiac catheterizations and specific medications and if it was not a heart attack the doctors will search for other diagnosis for example (gastritis, muscular inflammation).
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