Women cardiac health has been neglected for a long time

It’s very important to interview various cardiology professors to get a closer & closer view about the specialty.

Now we have an interview with Prof. Aly Zidan, Professor of Cardiology, Alexandria University

And one of CardioAlex board members.

We started:What’s new in CardioAlex 2017?

Cardioalex always carries new surprises and you will discover a lot of innovations in all sessions and every subspecialty as well as the social and recreation events

As it’s Women Year, what is the best prevention methods for women’s heart?

Women cardiac health has been neglected for a long time both from society and medical staff thinking wrongly that they are hormonally protected

Regular follow up and lipid profile as well as other cardiovascular risk factors should be done to avoid serious cv events

Before and more importantly after menopause

What are the Prevention methods from heart diseases?

  • Regular walking for 30 min per day .
  • Regular check up on lipid profile
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