Women’s heart health

We are still in our trip in the cardiology field, we have a small interview with Prof. Sherif Wagdy Ayad, he gave us a small glimpse about what’s going on in CardioAlex and a very good advice for our hearts.

We asked him What’s new in CardioAlex 2017?

He answered “Cardio Alex 2017 is special this year. We have more attendees (more than 6500) more international speakers from all over the world.we have live cases of different complex interventions operated by eminent professors from different countries.”

A wish… (CardioAlex & Egypt)

I wish that cardioalex becomes bigger and better every year. Being women’s year we have this year special sessions concerning women’s heart health.

What do you advice people that had experienced previous heart attack?

My advice for anyone who suffered a previous heart attack he should stop smoking, encourage regular exercise at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes, eat healthy food reach in fruits and vegetables and stop eating salty fatty food. At the end I wish everyone a healthy happy heart

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