You can control some risk factors of Coronary heart disease but not others.

It’s been a pleasure meeting with CardioAlex Board members whom, give so much time to enhance the medical education in Egypt for the greater good of the medical industry.

Prof. Eman Elsharkawy was generous enough to give us a small interview, discussing heart diseases and it’s impact of the person

We asked her:

Are you at risk of Coronary Heart Disease?

Coronary heart disease risk factors are conditions or habits that raise your risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack. These risk factors also increase the chance that existing CHD will worsen.

You can control some risk factors, but not others. Risk factors you can control include:

High blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Overweight,   Smoking, Lack of physical activity, Unhealthy diet and stress

Some risk factors you can’t control are age, gender, and family history of CHD.

Your risk of CHD and heart attack increases with the number of risk factors you have and their severity. Also, some risk factors put you at greater risk of CHD and heart attack than others. Including smoking and diabetes.

Many risk factors for coronary heart disease start during childhood. This is even more common now because many children are overweight and don’t get enough physical activity.


Does a Fast Heart Rate Mean a Greater Risk for Heart Disease?

A new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showed that a high resting pulse rate may be a marker for an increased risk of heart disease and heart attack.

In men, for each ten beat rise above normal, there was a 10% higher chance of dying from heart disease. In women, the risk of heart disease was also elevated with a high resting pulse rate; although the effects were age dependent with a higher death rate seen only in women under the age of seventy.

Persistent increased heart rate above 100 beat per minute for a long time may lead to heart failure and decrees the ability of the heart to pump blood.

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