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Intermittent fasting

Studies have proven that Intermittent fasting has a very excellent effect on obese patients specially those who are suffering from Insulin Resistance. on the long run it improves the sensitivity of insulin so that it reduces the fat deposition resulting from insulin resistance.
On the other hand, it prevents the loss of muscle mass which is responsible to a big extent on the metabolism which is strongly needed not to be affected as the obese patient will spend a long time recovering from obesity and he needs a very good BMR to help him achieve good results through his weight loss journey.

How to apply Intermittent Fasting?

You fast for 16 hours and have a window of 8 hours only to eat "healthy food", In 16 hours fasting you're allowed to drink zero calorie beverages like water, herbal drinks like anise, cinnamon and ginger tea bags,, etc..
Adding to this no milk allowed in the fasting period as many thought it might be allowed, even the lactose free ones.
Intermittent fasting is effective in both weight loss and to acquire a healthier life style.

If you’re over 40 it is not impossible to lose weight in a normal rate

You still can do it smoothly, of course not like when you were in your twenties but it is doable, just make sure your hormonal tests are in the normal ranged and that you don't suffer from thyroid diseases, insulin resistance and anemia.
If you suffer from any seek doctor's help and once you heal the problem, you can lose weight perfectly.

Just never think you can't do it, you can lose weight, you can love a healthy life style, just give a try, sustain it and make it a habit.