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Interview with the Famous TV Presenter & Nutrition Icon “Sally Fouad”

It was our pleasure to have an interview with Sally Fouad; the famous TV presenter & nutrition icon, who was very keen to give us nutrition advices, tell us about her daily routine and how she enjoy her day with her children during Ramadan & quarantine.

1. What are you doing after Corona virus-19 (Pandemic) to force the countries of the world to close their borders and the constant warnings not to leave the house?

I try to stay at home as much as possible, go to work when necessary, or go buy the urgent of what the house hold needs.

2. How do you spend your time at home?

I try to benefit of that time as I believe it only happens once, I try to do things I have not done before, as combining recipes. Not only trying new recipes but also, I advise and share with people on social media

3. What are you doing with your children during the quarantine at home?

We do a lot of activities, learn from them, I cook more with them and try new recipes that may aid them to love different plates

4. What would you recommend to the citizen in this global crisis?

In this crisis, I advise the citizens that they must keep the social distance and we should abide by all instructions that keep us safe

5. What is the secret of your noticeable fitness and healthy appearance?

My healthy look is because of the seven steps I always take and recommend to people

6. What kinds of food do you like to eat?

I love all kinds of food, they are all great, but I always try not to fill my entire stomach

7. Do you go to the gym?

Unfortunely, I do not exercise but I tend to very soon as we all need to be healthy

8. How do you keep your skin fresh? Are you interested in skin care sessions?

My face is freshness due to the use of cosmetics that are reliable sources

9. What daily routine do you follow?

Healthy eating and regular sleep

10. What’s your advice to every young lady to preserve her beauty?

My advice is to preserve her beauty with proper nutrition and always have a balanced nutrition plan and healthy life style and to go to bed early so as to preserve her health and youth

11. What meal do you cook that your child loves?

The most meal loved by any child is pasta, and mine is Fan of pasta

12. Creative ways to encourage children to eat vegetables or foods they do not like?

The popular way to feed children that don’t like vegetables is Bolognese sauce.
I always add carrots or minced meat so it looks tasty or different to have an attractive impression and let children give it a try.

13. What are the most important healthy eating habits that you recommend during Ramadan?

We should not eat a heavy meal once. You must organize food and drink from breakfast to suhoor, prevent sugars as much as possible, and eat carbohydrates that do not contain white flour.

14. What do you advise people you want to make a shift career?

People who want to change their field of work must first exit from the comfort zone.
Watch the new, face the new, and take on the challenges of work so that a person can achieve his goal if a person is typical and routine and will not be able to develop from himself

15. A final word for your lovers and followers …

I am happy to encourage them; I always try to provide advice that will benefit them in their lives and have a positive impact to have a much healthy generation.

Sally Fouad

Well known TV presenter, Certified Nutritionist Expert and Healthy Cooking.

A certified nutrition expert from BTB Bildungswerk fuer Therapeutische Berufe in Wuppertal.

She is a graduate of Faculty of Arts, Germen Section, she excelled and had scholarship for a month to study instant translation, in Johannesberg Universitaet in the city Germersheim,

Through her studies and after she joined the Germen Chamber of Commerce and worked with Siemens and IBM corp.

As a child and her adolescent years, she suffered from weight gain which made her research about weight loss and how to have the ideal body. She had continued to read for leading scientists and specialists in various languages in the field of nutrition, with a various of studies she able to follow a proper method that led her to the weight she was seeking.

She began her presenting career as a show host in the Channel Fatafet.

Then she presented TV programs in many channels such as Nile Family and Al Mehwar Channel and others. She pushes articles in Egyptian, English magazines and newspapers such as Ladybird and Ain.