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Mixes like Lemon Water, You have to Try!

Drinking your water with a squeeze of lemon can reduce bloating and help you better absorb iron.

But drinking lemon water every single morning can get old, so why not refresh your routine with new ingredients? There are other yummy fruits and herbs you can put into your jar or infusion water bottle for extra flavor and health perks.

Lavender water

Not only is it pretty, lavender is also known to help relieve anxiety. Add sprigs to your morning water to chill out before a busy day.






Blueberry water

If you prefer a fruitier flavor, add some Blueberries which are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, anthocyanins,  and cancer preventatives.








Cinnamon water

Drop a cinnamon stick in your glass for a dose of its blood sugar-stabilizing benefits.

Orange, lemon, and rosemary water

You don’t have to cut the lemon, but mixing in some orange slices and rosemary adds a nice flavor to your usual citrus drink. In addition, rosemary can enhance memory and help you stay alert.

Chia water

Add some chia seeds and your honey to lemon water to make what’s known in Mexico as a “chia fresca,” and you’ll start your day with lots of heart-healthy omega 3s.

Blackberry and sage water

blackberries pack antioxidants that prevent inflammation and help with motor skills. And sage is a known memory booster.

Pomegranate water

Toss some pomegranate to your water and get added protection against sun damage and wrinkles.


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