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Myths in the diet world

In that broad world of healthy nutrition, some stable, unchangeable myths stand strongly out there like huge, irresistible roman poles.
Unfortunately, many people deal with these myths as facts that can never be given a second thought.
And now, it's time to reveal some of these dieting myths, hoping this would help some people to find their way towards an appropriate, dieting style.

Here are some of the most famous dieting myths according to the British heart foundation

1. Extreme calorie restriction leads to weight loss

Nobody can ever ignore the fact that losing weight requires cutting off some calories. But, we should mindfully differentiate between that healthy balanced diet and these fad diets that dramatically cut off your caloric intake (like going on for a week on oranges and so forth….).
I know that losing weight as fast as we can is one of our biggest dreams, but these type of diets never help, as no one can go on like this for good, it will be just a matter of time and those few lost kgs will be gained all over again, because when the body is deprived of most of its needs, after a while, it will be eager to compensate, so suddenly you'll find yourself eating so much more.

So, always choose the appropriate balanced diet plan that can be your life long eating style.

2. Never eat after 8 pm:

Although eating late at night is not good for your gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and may cause some irritation and heart burn, especially with heavy fatty meals. But it has nothing to do with gaining weight.
What really matters is the number of calories you're taking throughout the day, no matter at what time.

So, figure out your calorie needs and distribute them according to your daily eating schedule, but put in your mind, try as much as you can to make your late meal be your lighter meal.

3. Certain foods/drinks help you burn fats

This is the strongest myth ever. I've always been asked about specific foods or drinks that burn fats. And of course, most of the people get shocked when I tell them, there is no such a thing, especially after seeing that powerful ad of the product that gives them a strong hope to lose weight without dieting or doing some activity.
The fact is, there are some drinks that may help in burning fat like green tea for example, but it will never ever do this alone.
The appropriate calorie intake with balanced dieting is a must; any other factors like drinks, food stuff or medication are just to give some additional help.

So, never follow the ads. search, think, then, take your decision after getting a professional advice.

4. Go on low fat only

Most of the people deals with the word of low fat as eat as much as you can, and you'll never gain weight.
Unfortunately, this is untrue. Low fat products still have calories and eating it too much, will undoubtfully leads to weight gain. So, checking food labels is very important.
You should try to make it a habit. Second, eating fats is important to your body, but what kind of fats you should be eating? That's a good question.

So, try as much as you can to choose the unsaturated fats like that in nuts, olive oil and avocado, and take not more than 10% of saturated fats (like butter) of your total caloric intake. For the trans fats (found in junk foods and most highly processed products in markets) better cut it off, according to the united states department of agriculture (USDA) recommendations.

5. Drinking water help you lose weight

There is no doubt that water is extremely important for maintaining body's vital activities, but that has nothing to do with losing weight or burning fat. The only role water may be playing is maintaining body balance, because staying well hydrated improves body functioning and thus improves metabolism, which is responsible for maintaining body weight.

So, try to be well hydrated most of the time, by drinking at least 2 liters (8 cups) of water daily according to USDA recommendations with keeping in mind that drinking warm water, or warm water with lime (lemon) after waking up in the early morning and all other fairy tales about water, will do nothing to your excess fats, it'll just make you well hydrated, which is good as a matter of fact.

These were some of the myths and there are so much more. Don't always believe what you hear or what you've been told. Don't always go through anything, just because someone has tried it and it worked for him/her, because we are not the same. Always try to search and find the truth, especially when it concerns your health.