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Ramadan and children at the time of Corona

I know that the title is causing a panic for every mother, and I know you’re now crying ...
but... that’s life.

Ramadan Kareem ... But this year is different....
This Ramadan we are staying at home ... I mean, there are no family visits, no plans, and no Iftar in restaurants.
I mean, you won't escape cooking every day, Mami.

So, what we can do .... How we can handle cooking all this month with the children with us at home.

What do you think I’m doing?

No, don’t think of it ... I will not cook for you haha

I’ll just give you some ideas to make your children busy, while you are in the kitchen.


A very nice idea before Ramadan starts that they work with us in Ramadan preparations ... like decorating and hanging the lights.
(we used to do a hand crafts ... and this is suitable for all our children ages)

Our children can help us in the kitchen preparations like freezing foods, they take out the peas from the shell (from the age of 3 years ... it strengthens the fine hand muscles), filling squeezed tomatoes and meat in bags in order to put it in the freezer (from the age of 5 years .... more focus) as well as all Ramadan preparations.


Two days before Ramadan, it’s an important day to talk with our children about the holy month and its virtues, and the Qur’an is revealed in it. It is possible in the form of a story or a bridal theater for children under 10 years, and it is possible to talk directly for children bigger than that.

It is important that they know why we have fast. Don’t say to your son, because we have to feel what the poor feels from not eating for a long time ... because he will say why don't we drink ... poor people are not deprived of water Hahaha.

We fast with obedience to Allah only.
The attribute of prayer and zakat ...
Allah orders us and we obey ... We can think of his wisdom from fasting ... It is training the believer to control oneself ... So, we prevent ourselves from something permitted during the day in Ramadan (Which is eating and drinking) Because Allah commanded us to do so, we are accustomed to leaving any taboos in obedience to Allah for the rest of the year.


It is very important that we work on a schedule for the day in Ramadan with our children. It should include a time for azkar and reading the Qur’an, a second time for the story of the biography of the Messenger or the stories of the prophets or companions, and a time to help prepare food.
Example: testing food (suitable for children under the age of seven because they are not fasting), preparing Sufra (suitable from the age of 6 years), cutting the kunafa with hands (suitable from the age of 3 years), assistance in making sweets such as stuffing katayef and samosa (suitable from the age of 6 years) and so on.

And we define the first of each week the mission of each family member and change every week to reduce boredom and increase their enthusiasm to learn new skills.


We will not forget that the study is still running. Every child (even from the age of two years) is required to have at least half an hour to two hours of study each day, according to the age.


At night, it is possible to divide between the Tarawih prayer, it is important that we keep it in our homes (because unfortunately, you do not pray in the mosques) even if a small prayer.

Finally, it has to be a time for entertainment

What is important is that we benefit from sitting at home with our children, and play with them.

Here’s some activities/games according to the children ages that we can practice with our children during the days of Ramadan and develop skills as they find them.

From 2-4 years:

1. Making shapes and animals with cubes
2. Make shapes with clay
3. Bowling (using plastic balls and empty plastic milk bottles)
4. Work for them as a puppet show (using a washing line - sheet - i.e. dolls or teddy bears at home)

From 4-7 years:

1. Cards Games (Cochin / UNO)
2. Thinking games (Connect 4 - Chess ...)
3. Dice Games (Ladder & Snake - Backgammon)
4. "Origami" (making shapes by applying paper without cutting and pasting)
5. Doing Hand Crafts
6. Make a tent at home
7. Great lantern action
8. Doing exercises
9. Coloring
10. Play Lego

From 7-12 years:

1. Paper Games (Bingo- Stop it is complete)
2. Play chess
3. Read and discuss a small story
4. See and discuss a documentary film
5. Board Games (Note Monopoly -)
6. Create a drawing competition
7. Writing a story
8. Cultivation of some plants in the balcony