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Smoking is a major cause of heart disease for men and women


We were so lucky to meet up with Prof. Kawkab Khedr, and she was generous enough to give us a glimpse about what’s going on in CardioAlex 2018.

We asked her:

What’s new in CardioAlex 2018?

And she answered:

CardioAlex a lot of new things all branches in cardiology it will be emphasized in CardioAlex and all recent studies included is this CardioAlex, it will be a very nice meeting as you know and it will be very fruitful especially for junior doctors and also for al doctors because all the time may be you can’t follow all the new things everywhere so we make a collection of all these things in those 2 or 3 days

What will you present this year in CardioAlex 2018?

I will be a chairman in the sessions of echo and pediatric cardiology

What is your best advice for people with heart disease? Healthy & diet & exercise?

The best seen We have 5 risk factors for heart disease, so Number one of this circumstance is: stress you should avoid stress.

Number two: Make exercise regular.

Number three: stop smoking, Smoking is very harmful for the heart and the vessels and it increase or enhance atherosclerosis, which caused cardiac diseases.

Obesity should be controlled and hyper lipedema increase cholesterol and tyrmestrze should be strictly controlled, by this mean you can avoid heart attack.

Is there such thing as normal heart rate or does it vary for each individual?

It vary from person to other tachycardia or increase heart rate harmful to the heart it make injury all the time to the vessels and everything so tachycardia should be controlled heart rate should be controlled you know every one beat more it increases the risk one degree so heart rate should be according to the age off course should be 70 75 normal, and We have a lot of drugs we can control the heart rate by this is the very important risk factor in cardiac disease.

Are there any ways to tell if someone is going to have heart trouble?

Yes, off Course if you see a person you can expect that this man will have a heart attack by this risk factors which we speak about if he is obese person, heavy smoker, Diabetic and not control diabetes, he is hyper lepidemic all these things can tell you that this patient sooner or later will have a heart disease

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