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Corona pandemic brought negatives as well as positives

We know that these times are difficult for people all over the world, in light of the spread of the Coronavirus, increasing numbers of infections and deaths, closing cities and even entire countries, and many people are forced to self-isolation.

But amid all this worrying news, there is also a positive side that gives hope.

 Low pollution

With many countries locked in by the virus, there has been a significant drop in pollution levels.

China and northern Italy recorded a significant decrease in nitrogen dioxide gas, which is a dangerous air pollutant and a chemical component that causes an increase in temperature, in light of the decrease in industrial activity.

 Clean the water channels

On the other hand, residents of the Italian city of Venice have noticed a significant improvement in the water quality of the famous canals that pass through the city.
The water, which is usually cloudy, became so clear that fish could be seen in it.

 Good deeds

There are a lot of stories about panic buying, quarrels over toilet paper and canned food, but the virus has also spurred people around the world to make nice gestures.

Two New Yorkers gathered 1,300 volunteers, within 72 hours, to provide groceries and medicines for the elderly and vulnerable in the city.

Facebook said that hundreds of thousands of people, in Egypt, joined local support groups, which were created to help older people under the slogan “We cover you”, while similar groups were formed in Canada, sparking a trend known as spreading aid.

Creative Boom

With millions of people stuck in isolation, many are taking advantage of creativity.

Social media users shared details of their new hobbies, including reading, baking, sewing, and drawing.

The Washington Public Library hosts a virtual book club, while an art teacher in Tennessee, USA, delivered live-streaming lessons to out-of-school children, to inspire them to create at home.

While many public spaces have been closed, art lovers have made virtual tours provided by many museums of the world, and have seen the famous Louvre paintings, and classic sculptures of the Vatican Museum, from their living rooms.

Some pop singers, including Chris Martin and Keith Urban, also gave live broadcasts to fight the boredom of self-isolation.

A united front

Between feverish work and home life, it is often easy to feel separated from those around you, but since the virus affects all of us, it has made many societies around the world closer to each other.

In Italy, where a complete closure is in place, people have joined together from their porches to sing songs that boost their morale.

A gym instructor in southern Spain led a group in a workout, standing on a low ceiling in the middle of a housing complex, and residents isolated from their balcony joined him.

Many people took the opportunity to reconnect to friends and loved ones over the phone or video calls, while groups of friends organized virtual celebration sessions, using mobile applications

The epidemic has made us one country, and this country does not think now of religion or color, but rather one thing in humanity.

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