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Egyptian Doctor’s Day 2020

Egyptian Doctor’s Day 2020

Wednesday 18th March 2020,

That day marks the Egyptian Doctors Day,

We all should send appreciation to all the doctors and health professionals who are among the critical times in the battle against the spread of (COVID-19) in Egypt.

Because of COVID-19 crisis, honouring distinguished doctors and celebrating the great roles of doctors across the country in a ceremony each year was canceled this year on the behalf of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate (EMS), but we should always appreciate their great roles.

The EMS stated the 18 March to mark the Egyptian Doctors’ Day every year which also marked the anniversary of inaugurating the first medical school in 1827 in Abu Zaabal, the first in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa, the EMS said.

The school was relocated after that to Kasr Al-Aini in 1837.

“The day is a reminder of the significance of the doctors in the society, as they treat and watch over the comfort of patients notwithstanding their gender, boundaries, or religion,” the EMS said on its website.

Egypt is struggling to contain the potential spread of Covid-19, as the number of the country total cases has increased but the government is at its best effort to contain the crisis with self quarantine for the individuals as doctors are advising the people if the COVID-19 spreads, there will be a shortage of resources to contain the crisis as hospitals and health professionals staff.

All we can do is never give up



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