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Drying body fat for women

Drying body fat for women

Body drying exercises for bodybuilders, performed under the supervision of a coach. Note that it is advised to practice it immediately after stopping to follow the drying diet, which depends on increasing the intake of proteins in food, and reducing carbohydrates in return, for the purpose of burning the accumulated fat around the muscles. In order to keep the muscles strong, it is recommended to follow exercises to dry the body of fat, the most important of which are:


This exercise combines simplicity and strength in terms of impact. Holding up to 30 seconds when doing this exercise is one of the accomplishments you can give to stomach muscles, in the context of seeking to dry the body of fat stored in the stomach area.


Lie on your stomach, and lift your body with your hands and feet. To benefit more from the exercise, you can lift the left hand, with the right foot for a few seconds, then land with them, and vice versa. Repeat 10 to 15 of these exercises, with some rest.

Leg raise


This exercise is listed under the most important exercises for slimming the body of fat and water in the abdominal area. As it has an effective effect in tightening the abdominal muscles in a way that it feels the exercise of heat flows into the muscle parts of his stomach within a few seconds, especially the lower and middle parts of the stomach muscles.


Sit on the floor, stretching your legs, then raise your legs at a 45-degree angle, and stretch your hands parallel. Maintain this position for some time, then gradually return to the starting point. Repeat the exercise five times in a row.


This exercise helps in drying the body of stored fat in the lower body, especially in the legs and buttocks, as it tightens and highlights the muscles.


This exercise can be applied in a sitting or standing position. Note that this exercise is classified under the category of exercises to dry the body from the most effective fats, especially in the part related to targeting the muscle of the triceps muscle, but you must always pay attention to choosing the appropriate weight, and do not go down holding the weights to the maximum point behind the neck; To avoid injuries.

Pullup to Knee Raise

This exercise is very effective in destroying the accumulated fat around the stomach muscles, "sculpting" this muscle group, showing its details, and wonderfully redefining the middle abdominal muscles.


Doing the horizontal bar by holding an iron bar (the horizontal bar), and lifting the body up and down the bar.