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How to adapt to the stress of home insulation

How to adapt to the stress of home isolation?


In the new unfamiliar situation, psychiatrists express fears that a large number of people will suffer from mental illnesses and depression whether during or after the period of home quarantine imposed upon people. Especially when it is accompanied with staying at home for long hours exposing to psychological and neurological pressures which result from an intensive follow-up to the horrific deaths reported in the news.


But the matter is not free of wit and positivity. On social networking sites, during the past period of time, jokes about the situation of men at home spread after having been forced to stay in it. While a large number of them began discovering their talents in performing household tasks, such as cooking and housekeeping. As some talks, about how they became close to their family and children who may not have been following their school development in normal times.


Although the experts acknowledge the harsh days of home quarantine, they give some advices to those who spend this period of time, so that they add valuable life experiences to them. Among those advices is the need to get up early in the morning, and let it be the same time that you get ready to go to work, and attend your daily routine schedule. Especially if you work from home, bearing in mind that you get the usual comfort which you were getting during work, and that you keep your regular daily routine except for going outside.


Also, among those advices is not to exaggerate in reporting news, because it may have a negative psychological impact on you. Especially if you suffer from a pathological fear, in normal situations, because excessive listening to the news of the victims, and the disruption of the world may lead you to a state of depression, with what may accompany it from organic pain as well.


In an effort to maintain mental health and balance, psychiatrists also advised everyone to speak regularly on the phone or through a video call on the Internet with their relatives and friends, in an attempt to psychological exit from the circle of isolation which may have a positive impact on the   psyche.


On the website of the World Health Organization, there are several useful tips that help as the organization says to maintain good mental health, high morale, and a positive spirit at this difficult stage. It is a part of maintaining a balanced and sound mental and psychological health.

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