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Do blood types have a role in corona infection?

“Researchers in China have found that blood types can play a role in whether or not their owner runs the risk of developing the new Coronavirus”.


According to the study conducted by researchers in Wuhan, central China, the cradle of the deadly virus, people with blood type A are more susceptible to infection with coronavirus, compared to other blood types.


The study by Wuhan University’s Evidence-Based Medicine Center included more than two thousand patients with the virus in Wuhan, where the disease erupted and compared them with the local healthy population.


Chinese researchers stated that people with blood type A are more likely to die from the virus, also known as “COVID 19”, according to results published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

This pattern was valid in the various age and groups targeted by the study. The percentage of blood type A victims from Corona victims in China in the Wuhan region reached 63%, compared to 52% for those with blood type O.


“Patients with coronas from type A blood group may need to receive more alert observation, and intensive and effective treatment,” the researchers wrote, led by the researchers.

The researchers said that the study is preliminary and needs more work, but they urged governments and medical facilities to consider the differences of blood groups in their treatment plans to eliminate the virus.


Another researcher said that it did not provide a clear explanation about a number of phenomena such as the molecular interaction between the virus and different types of red blood cells. The researcher concluded by saying that the new study “may be useful for doctors, but ordinary citizens should not take the statistics seriously. “Blood group O is the most common among humans at 34%, compared to 23% for types A