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How can we prevent our children from becoming racists?

Anti-racism protests erupting in the United States, parents are concerned.

Parents fear dark skin for the lives of their children when doing things like running, driving, or even sleeping in their homes, while parents fear white skin that their children will become racists.

Children under the age of 3 can distinguish between faces by color, and children from the age of 3 understand ethnic groups, in addition to the sequences that come with them.

The trick is to accept that this classification is natural, and to prevent it from becoming racist.

In cooperation with others from other universities, they initiated a study funded by the National Science Foundation, looking at racial and gender biases among children in different ethnic groups across 5 geographical regions, with the aim of learning how culture affects bias.

Why do children prefer people who look like them?

Bias within groups means that an individual favors people who are similar to him, or people like him in other ways. This bias manifests itself through “our attitudes, how positive we feel towards them, and the allocation of resources, or the stereotypes and stereotypes children learn”.
This partly reflects the cognitive development of children, searcher has made it clear that we need to classify people and things, because that is easier for the brain instead of looking at each person as an individual.

When does the identification of differences between people turn racist?

The seeker does not believe that children are born with the trait of racism, and instead, children are born in a world where systematic racism exists, in a culture that embraces racist behaviors and ideologies, and “those ideologies seep into everything,” she said.

Children can learn racist behavior from parents, schools, the media, and community culture.

Institutional racism turns into our own bias, because it is so rooted and spontaneous, and because it is so tolerable that there are not enough people who want to make real and long-term change.

How can we prevent our children from becoming racists?

Talking about race is the first step to prevent our children from becoming racist.

Seeker  noted that we don’t have experience talking about things that were built to be “scary” like race, which is something we don’t usually talk about.

“We should not support the ideology of color blindness in any way,” . “Rather, we must recognize what race is in our country and recognize the historical strains that come with being of a different race.”

Besides, the researcher added the importance of parents’ attention to their non-verbal behaviors, and the physical language that we exhibit in different contexts without often realizing it.

It is also important to remember that other ethnic groups can also have biases, and Asians and Hispanics can have biases against blacks, according to the seeker.

She added that if we belong to other groups that are subject to discrimination, “it may also be useful to think about the experiences that we have had with discrimination as well, in order to understand the experiences of other groups with discrimination.”