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COVID-19 prevention is the key

December 2019 a respiratory illness started in Wuhan, China.

The virus causing such illness is called SARS-CoV-2 and the disease Coronavirus disease 2019

COVID-19 is transmitted from sick people by coughing, sneezing, or even just being near a person talking due to droplets spread while talking.
You can also, get the virus if you touch a surface contaminated by droplets from a sick person which highlights the importance of handwashing.

If you are sick with COVID-19 you may get a sore throat, fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Young adults and children may not have any symptoms or just a cold but for older people, this disease may be life-threatening. Usually, symptoms last 1-2 weeks.

You should contact your doctor if you have any symptoms, also try to call your doctor’s clinic before going to check availability for examination slots and readiness to examine patients with respiratory illnesses. The worst scenario to visit a doctor’s office who is not there.

Usually, doctors order some blood tests that may suggest COVID-19 and detect severity, doctors also order Chest Xray or CT scan to clarify disease the severity of the lungs.
Doctors confirm COVID-19 by a specific test done by taking a throat swab for detecting the virus.

After assessment of labs and X-rays usually doctors prescribe pain medications for mild cases and for severer cases, they may recommend hospital admission.

We should note that in Egypt all medications can be bought without a prescription which may encourage people to read social media news and self-prescribe antibiotics and antivirals which cause unfortunately many deaths worldwide.

Prescribing a regimen for COVID-19 is extremely difficult due to rapid changes in treatment protocols and only Infectious Diseases experts are responsible for such protocols which makes this issue difficult in a country that lacks this specialty.

For COVID-19, prevention is the key, social distancing is very effective in limiting disease spread, also try to avoid visiting relatives older than 60 years because you may be infected and have no symptoms but you can infect your relatives.
But remember to call them so that they don’t feel lonely

Stay away from websites that cause stress and spread fake news.
Remember, they get paid when they succeed to make you anxious and click for more.

Stay home and avoid any gathering to prevent the spread of infection and if mandatory wear a facemask. Handwashing is the key, try to never forget this.

We should be grateful for our nurses, doctors, and all hospital staff who work in stressful conditions to keep us safe.

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