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“hysterical fear” and the call for wisdom

“hysterical fear” and the call for wisdom

Led to spread of Corona-virus around the world to strengthen the fears of some that it may become a scenario of “catastrophic”, prompting them to purchase and store different commodities directly, but there warns of the feedback is calculated, which may contribute to it turned into “a mess” in some communities.

Rumors have driven people to the streets in gas masks, not masks.
Rumors have driven people to the streets in gas masks, not masks.

Lubna Faik, professor of crisis and risk management at Cairo University, believes that there is a need to develop urgent plans to address such situations.

She stated to the BBC: “You must prepare to deal with such a position quietly and transparently, by having plans for crisis management, so as not to be trading operations, a position more dangerous than the disease itself.”

Confirm alert on the need to deal with such a crisis prevention science, “depends primarily on reassure people, educate them, and prepare them to the needs of the spread of the virus, with the speed of response to any cases of Concern, Group, or situation that may get out of control.”

Faik adds: Rumors must also be addressed, especially through social media. It may not constitute a crisis dangerous in themselves, but ways of dealing bad with her, rumors that coincides with it, may be more serious ones.”

There are also of the opinion that exaggeration in support to store power tools to clean this shape, is not justified and may lead to more anxiety that pushes people to what is known as the “hysteria” of the purchase.

The professional, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Al-Azhar, that the situation of “fear and hysteria” that appear in such positions known, and must be handled delicately, so as not to turn into “mass hysteria” harm all members of society.

Said the BBC: “If this kind of mass hysteria can be understood in a scientific context, which is that the human soul has ready to quick to deal with panic and extreme fear, thinking randomly, this might push to make quick decisions to get out of predicament in any form.”

He added: “the fear that there will be a danger to Human many decades ago”, and with the emergence and spread of Corona-virus and some feel they might face a “murderer unknown” threatens the annihilation of human beings, and therefore the psychological impact it is increasing significantly.

Finds important things must be placed in its normal size away from threats, especially when people face risks related to its future.

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