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Is there a possibility of infection with coronavirus COVID-19 twice?

Some patients recovered from the Coronavirus and all test results were negative, but later the test results became positive again. Coronavirus infection is similar to the common cold. They both have the same symptoms that usually lead to the formation of a patient’s immunity.

Luis Inguanz, a virologist at the Spanish National Institute of Biotechnology, told BBC that 14% of patients who had recovered from the virus had infection again. They did not catch the infection again, but it was a “Reinfection ” to the virus

Luis Inguanz said: “My vision is among other possible insights.” Generally, infection with this virus creates immunity in people, but the reaction of the immune system is not very strong in some people. When the immune system’s reaction slows down, the remnants of the virus will return to the body again. “Some types can stay in the body for three months or more”

When the results of the virus test in some people change from positive to negative  he says, “this assumes that it has developed immunity to the virus, but some of it remains latent in tissues that have not been exposed to the body’s defenses like other organs.”

Because COVID-19 is a new virus, scientists are trying to understand what accounts for the short time between first and second infections. Isadoro Martínez, a researcher at the Carlos III Institute of Health in Madrid, says that although infection with the Coronavirus is possible again, it is strange that this happens after a short period of recovery.

If there is no permanent immunity, then in the next spread of the epidemic within a year or two, you will be infected again, this is normal,” Isadoro Martinez says.

Isadoro Martinez says: “But it is rare for a person to become infected with the same virus immediately after recovery from it. Likewise, to our knowledge, this Corona virus does not change as much as the influenza virus.”

Martins says: “Perhaps what happens to those who will get the result of their analyzes and find out that they are infected again with the virus  after recovering, they go through a sudden and temporary rise in infection before it completely ends.” But researchers are cautious about emphasizing the need for more studies to understand this virus COVID-19.


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