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“Protect yourself for today and for everyday”

“Protect yourself for today and for everyday”

Quoted for Dr. Hany of the beholder chairman of the National Research Center, formerly consultant dermatologist, via his account official on the website of the social networking Facebook, a collection of tips that must be taken into account and applied during the current period even help you in prevention of infection with Corona-virus, the most prominent of which:

  • Excessive use of tangerine and orange.


  • To ensure that the green salad with lime is served daily.


  • Every morning, a honeybee was taken with diabetes committed to their medication and regular treatment.


  • Eating an olive oil spoon before the main meal on a daily basis.


  • Care to wash hands and mouth with water and soap before and after all meals.


  • To refrain from eating any food and beverages from street vendors.


  • Not to use any drinking tools or food in association with others.


  • Always retain paper napkins used for coughing or sneezing and are disposed of in a healthy manner.


  • Ensure very good ventilation in homes, offices, transportation and classrooms.


  • Stop the habit of making peace and kissing for adults and children.

Reference: Sada El Balad

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