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Recovering from the Corona virus, they bring hope back.

Recovering from the corona virus, they bring hope back.

Amidst this panic and apprehension about the corona Pandemic, there is always a glimmer of hope, as many are reporting that they have recovered from Corona after committing to staying at home.

“Stay in your home.”

US citizen Elizabeth Schneider, who is recovering from the Corona virus, advises anxious people to be hopeful and stay home if they are infected.

Schneider first felt flu-like symptoms on February 25, three days after she participated in a party that was later identified as the place where at least five other people were infected with the virus.

On March 7, a medical examination confirmed that she had the virus and the local health authorities asked her to stay in her home for at least seven days after she showed symptoms, so she kept to the order.

It’s been over a week since Schneider’s recovery, and she’s back to normal life, but she’s still avoiding big gatherings and continuing to work from home.

“The psychological aspect is important.”

Palestinian youth Muhammad Abu Namous is one of the thousands who have recovered in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.

The Palestinian youth had his experience with the Corona Virus for Trend Blog, saying: “I did not expect that a recreation trip that I had organized with my friends would end up in isolation between the quarantine walls for more than a month.”

The treatment trip went through four phases as follows: “taking medicine, exercising, eating healthy food, and “psychological counseling”
Muhammad explains: Doctors were eager to avoid reading the news or browsing social media that spread rumors and false news. We spent most of our day dancing, singing and watching movies. ”
“We used to practice our hobby normally after completing the initial stages of treatment.”
On February 19, Muhammad moved from the stage of quarantine and treatment to the stage of quarantine and recovery, which is a solitary stone. He was allowed out of the hospital on March 5.
After this long experience, Muhammad advises people to stay away from unreliable websites and adhere to the doctors ’instructions.


“I’m free now.”

I am free now. I got rid of the disease. “This is how Matt Sweder announced that he had recovered from the Corona virus after about eight days spent in quarantine in El-Nagila Hospital in western Egypt.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health had announced that sweder was among 45 cases it had uncovered in a cruise ship coming from Aswan governorate towards Luxor, to put them later under quarantine.

Since entering the hospital, Sweder has been keen to document his treatment details and share it with his Twitter followers. He published pictures of the food he was eating in order to strengthen his immunity against the Corona virus.

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