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WHO/Around 1 in 6 older people get abused!

Older People

a figure higher than previously estimated and predicted to rise as populations age worldwide.

WHO just publish a news release about a study supported by WHO that was obtained in the Lancet Global Health, “has found that almost 16% of people aged 60 years and older were subjected to either psychological abuse (11.6%), financial abuse (6.8%), neglect (4.2%), physical abuse (2.6%) or sexual abuse (0.9%). The research draws on the best available evidence from 52 studies in 28 countries from different regions, including 12 low- and middle-income countries.”

Older People


All types of elder abuse can have an impact on the health and wellbeing of the older person. Psychological abuse is the most pervasive and includes behaviours that harm an older person’s self-worth or wellbeing such as name calling, scaring, embarrassing, destroying property or preventing them from seeing friends and family. We can relate in Le Aa’la Se’r series, in which Laila (Actor Zeina) is abusing and mistreating her mom.

Financial abuse includes illegally misusing an older person’s money, property or assets. Neglect includes the failure to meet an older person’s basic needs, such as food, housing, clothing and medical care. Who does that!

Health effects of abuse include traumatic injury and pain, as well as depression, stress and anxiety. Elder abuse can lead to an increased risk of nursing home placement, use of emergency services, hospitalization and death. Which affect the National Sustainable Development Goals.





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