Psychology of color

Have you ever been to a place and it just doesn’t feel right? There could be several reasons for that but also can be as simple as choosing a not so adequate color scheme that reflects the mood of the space.

When choosing a color palette for your home (or each room if you prefer to have different colors for each space) it’s very important to see your colors will match together, but its even more important to understand the psychology of color and consider how they make you feel.


Orange is bright, fun, energetic, and joyful. And it sure will make a statement. Look for an orange piece or some accessories that stand out if you want to make a statement in your living room or kitchen. It’s better to use strong colors in smaller pieces rather than using them on a large wall.
Orange tones is also perfect for a dining area if used in the balance as it enhances the person’s appetite. Avoid strong Orange tones in the bedroom, softer peachy or terra cotta shades can be cozy and calming.



Depending on the tone, it can be either very dramatic and alive or warm and earthy. Deep hues create a dramatic effect while rusty tones when used in accent pieces and decorative items create a cozy mood. It’s best to be used in dining areas and in family rooms or entertaining spaces.


Yellow is the color of sunshine, it’s so energetic and happy color, using bright hues of yellow can spark creativity and productivity, muted tones of yellow give a calmer and more relaxed mood, its best to use in the kitchen to have a bright happy morning when having breakfast or in a teenager’s study area. But you have to be careful, if it’s overdone it could cause anxiety and stress.



Green is a fresh color and reminds us of nature, it’s a great choice to bring to your home. It symbolizes growth, harmony, and freshness. it’s a great choice to cool a room down and gives a soothing feeling when using in cooler and pastel tones it stimulates creativity. Deeper tones green can add intensity and elegance. Aqua green is associated with emotional healing and protection. Yellow-green can indicate sickness, olive green is the traditional color of peace. You can never go wrong with green especially when mixed with natural light in your space.



Blue is the color of calmness, yet it stimulates mental activity and its best to be used for offices and workspaces, blue comes in a very wide variety of tones and variations you can easily find a tone that matches your personal preference, it’s said that lighter tones help bring down blood pressure and slow the heart rate creating tranquility. Deeper and darker tones reflect knowledge, power, and integrity giving you a luxurious feeling, it’s a perfect color to use in bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Avoid using Blue in dining areas, it tends to suppress the appetite.


Purple has been associated with royalty. Deeper tones give sophistication, luxurious look, perfect to be used in dining areas, lighter tones such as lavender and lilac are so calming and perfect for bedrooms and kids’ bedrooms.


Pink is a girly color and has become a very popular and stylish color to use in most rooms in your home. Pink represents love and nurture. It also works great with both classic and modern interiors. Brighter tones give your room a playful look, Darker and more saturated gives your room a sense of drama, muted tones can soften your space.


Black means elegance, sophistication, and luxury. Its best used in accent pieces of furniture and accessories, if used in large surfaces or walls it can become overwhelming and gloomy so quickly. If paired correctly with other colors and textures it will sure give you and effortlessly elegant look.



White is the color of cleanliness and simplicity and has a magical ability to make any space look bigger, It can give you a very modern and fresh look, but in sometimes if not paired with contrasting accents can feel very cold and boring.


Brown shades are very versatile, they come in many textures as well such as wood tones, leather, and many other natural elements. Always gives you a warm feeling and make your home cozier.

Grey and neutrals:

Simple, calm, and cool. Neutrals and grey colors work well with almost every space of your house and with any style. They are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. And works really well together when used in different tones, patterns and textures. If you want a more vibrant look to your grey or neutral room just add a burst of your favorite color.


Metallic :

Metallic tones have made a strong appearance in interiors a few years back and don’t we just love them! From the sleek look of silver tones to the warming colors of gold and brass to all the tones in between. It gives your space a sophisticated feeling.


Monochrome is a safe choice when it comes to interiors, it means using just black and white creating contrast, or several tones of one same color creating harmony to your space. Works well with bathrooms and kitchens. Its very important to pay attention to textures when using a monochromatic theme.


The multicolor theme is so endearing, it brings instant fun to your space, you would want to use it busy spaces like family room or kitchens, but better avoid having it in bedrooms as it drives away the sense of calmness you would want in a bedroom.

At the end of the day is always a good idea to go for your favorite colors when choosing them for your home, you only need to know the effect and impression each color gives your space according to who and how your rooms will be used.