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Tips from WHO to protect mental health while facing Coronavirus

The World Health Organization has announced a set of tips and guidelines necessary to protect the mental health of individuals and societies in the meantime that almost every country in the world faces the risks and repercussions of the spread of the emerging Corona virus.

Psychologists point out that the feeling of psychological and nervous pressures increases naturally during crises facing individuals and societies, especially in times of war, or the spread of epidemic diseases, and it also increases in a way that requires attention in people who primarily suffer from psychological problems or have disturbed personalities.

And the international organization, in a scientific study prepared and published on its website, addressed advice to all segments of society, including health care workers, to help them maintain their mental health and maintain high spirits and positive spirit that helps them and helps others to overcome the crisis of spreading the virus worldwide.

The organization considered that proper thinking and understanding of the affairs and circumstances surrounding the spread of the virus in all parts of the world in the right way, is part of preserving the mental and psychological health of people that must be protected during this type of crisis.

It emphasized that maintaining mental health and mental health will ensure continuing the life course after passing the crisis and containing it, with balanced and sound mental health that guarantees the stability of the individual and society.

The organization addressed the audience members in 6 basic guidelines, as follows:

Be aware and understand that the Corona virus (Covid 19) prolongs individuals everywhere in the world apart from nationality, nationality or geographic region, and that individuals who have been attacked by the virus anywhere, are innocent people who did not commit any wrongful act.

Not to refer to individuals who have been attacked by the virus as “victims” or “family” of the new Corona virus (Covid 19) or to classify them as a defective category. Rather, use the term that they are currently facing the virus, and be aware that they are normal people, and that when they recover from the virus they will return to their normal daily lives, and to their actions, just like all members of society.

Avoid reading and following the news that causes anxiety and stress and is always directed to read the information and news reports that direct to the useful and clear practical steps required to protect yourself and your loved ones, and collect news from trusted sources such as the World Health Organization and the national health authorities, only once or twice during the day, Do not allow yourself to see news from untrustworthy sources, and be vigilant until you can discover false information and rumors.

Protect yourself and at the same time support others. I know that helping people when they need help is beneficial not only for them, but also for you, and for your mental health and your composure in facing challenges.

Try to find a way to communicate positive information and stories about any aspect related to controlling and facing the virus, and do not hesitate to communicate and communicate the voices of people who have recovered from the virus and to spread their experience and inform the public positively.

Appreciate the role and importance of what the medical team and support groups in your community and country play to protect you and protect the ones you love and save their lives, and give them your gratitude for their efforts in treating people who have contracted the new Coronavirus as a Covid19.

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