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7 tips that will help you stop over thinking

7 tips that will help you stop over thinking

Over thinking is a big issue that faces us everyday... It is healthy to think but also very important to know when to stop. It makes you worry about the future, create difficulties that don't even exist and it can literally ruin your life. These 7 tips will help you stop over thinking:

1- Make yourself busy

You always have to be busy with something; either your study or your work. You can also make yourself busy doing something that you love like reading, writing or drawing, that will keep u focused and away from the unhealthy thinking.

2- Communicate

Talk to your friends and to your family every day. Never spend all the day alone in your room because this will eventually lead to too much thinking. Let your thoughts out and let the people who loves you discuss it with you because you always need to hear someone else's opinion.

3- Go out

Call your best friend and tell him/her you want to go for a walk. It's not about where you go, it's about spending your energy in a healthy way. What's better than spending a good time with your friends?

4- Sleep on scheduled time

The most time our brain is awake is at the late night, so try to not stay up when you have to sleep. Even a nightmare won't be as unhealthy as a late night thought.

5- Workout

Taking care of your health and look is a very good way to distract you from any negative thoughts that could hit your mind. Taking all the negativity and turning it to energy and using it in the gym is the most suitable way.

6- Pet a dog or a cat

Petting a pet is a perfect way to make you a happy person. Pets will always have your attention and time besides your work or study so that you won't have enough time to over think.

7- Meditate

For some people meditation is not common, but it's always good to know something new that can help you. It's very easy and can be learned from the internet. The basic mediation will do; you just sit comfortably with comfortable clothes, play some meditation music from YouTube and count your breaths for at least 15 minutes. It's very relaxing and it will help you control your mind and enjoy some peace of mind.

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